Hello to all Veazie Salmon Club Members and Guests!

This Thursday is going to be a great dinner and program!  Our guest Speaker and Visual Presentation is VSC Member Cloe Chunn.  She will be showing “The Penobscot River Paddling Trail”…This result of a lot of hard work by the members!  Come see what might interest you and/or your friends to participate in the “Penobscot River Trail”.
Also some very Good News for the Penobscot!   As of Sunday, June 17th, the Atlantic Salmon Count at Milford was at 1098!  AND fishing is great with a large number of stripers and shad being caught!  There are also reports of Atlantic Salmon showing themselves at the surface in many locations!
We will also have a discussion and update on the Salmon and other species returns to the Penobscot ia the Fish passage at Milford!
Come and enjoy your club’s new heat pump which will be a pleasant cool atmosphere.  Thursday will be warm weather…so see and feel your investment at work and enjoy your clubhouse!

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