Roger’s Salmon

The Silver Salmon points to the wind

Against clearing or stormy sky

And gazes toward heaven with vigilance

Spinning yet holding it’s lie


Bright link to the past, helps memories last

Of members who’ve bid us good-bye

The Salmon swings to point to them all

With caring and watchful eye


It points to where they are fishing today

To left behind rods, reels, and flys

It points to where they lived and were loved

To where they were born and died


The Silver Salmon representing them all

Brings their message from way up high

Life’s for the living, live the most of each day

We’ll meet once again, bye and bye


Each time you walk up, or drive down the hill

Roger’s Salmon will help you recall

Of the good times and runs, we’ve all enjoyed

Look up and remember us all


On opening day, when you make your first cast

Think of us, the good times and fun

Feel our presence good friends, on the river today

Know our best fishin’s still yet to come


Dedicated in fond memory of deceased members of the Veazie Salmon Club

Feb 8, 1997 Tom Hartranft  Greenville, South Carolina

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