Veazie Community School joining the Atlantic Salmon Federation’s Fish Friends Program

Very excited to announce the Veazie Community School will be joining the Atlantic Salmon Federation’s Fish Friends Program receiving 200 Atlantic salmon eggs to be raised in the school. The Veazie Salmon Club Members along with ASF mentors will oversee the equipment and interact with the student body.

VZSC members will work with students  as they develop a personal connection to these fish and watch them grow and then together release them into the Penobscot River. The students will learn to help with restoring the population of fish and develop a sense of environmental stewardship while developing their science and engineering skills. Students will record water temperature, pH levels, and the number of salmon eggs hatched and released. Through raising and releasing their Atlantic Salmon VZCS students will learn data literacy and connections between the local environment and global challenges.

The Veazie Salmon Club is very excited to work with our community school and thanking all Veazie Salmon Club member volunteers for their time and support! 

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